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NESC has several Campuses and Divisions

Automotive and Heavy Equipment Maintenance, Construction Maintenance, Plant Operations, Welding and Fabrication and Information and Music Technology.

Vision Statement

To be the Premier Technical Training Provider in the Development of a competent, innovative and entrepreneurial workforce by transforming human capital through the application of advanced experiential learning methodologies.

Our Mission

The NESC is committed to the development of the nation's human capital through Technology and Advanced Teaching and Learning Methodologies. Our Faculty, Staff and Students are equipped with the skills and competencies to meet and exceed the needs of the Industrial Sector. We ensure our wellbeing by maintaining a culture of excellence, integrity, teamwork and discipline. We partner with our Stakeholders and Communities as we create Innovative, entrepreneurial Craftsmen and Technical Professionals.

First Cohort of CNG Graduates

Customised Training

NESC's Business Development Unit offers premium training for your specialised skill staff. Enquire about our customised training courses which can be tailored to your unique skill set or for a specialised unit.

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NESC's Services include:

Training Programmes

Energy Skills Training

Professional training in oil, gas and related energy industries.

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Facility Rentals

Customised Training

We tailor customised training to suit the skill level of your staff.

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Business Consulting

Business Consulting

Improve your organisation’s efficiency and effectiveness.

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NESC provides
Oil Rigging & Drilling Information Technology Automotive Technology Building Construction Building Maintenance Plant Maintenance Music Technology Plant Operation Heavy Equipment Welding

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