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Autotronics 1 Year (full-time|part-time)
Employment Opportunities
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Autotronics Craftsman

1 Year (full-time|part-time)

Available at: Debe|Laventille|Woodford Lodge

Theoretical and practical training in Autotronics. Subject matter includes: Power Steering, Electrical, Batteries, Magnetism, Starting System, Charging System, Sound System, Security System, Braking, Electronic Stability Control, Tools, Math, Science, English, Communication, Safety and Drawing.

Entry Requirements

Students are required to complete two 3-hour sessions per day, amounting to 30 hours per week a trimester

  • Evidence of completion of secondary school or
  • Level 1 Certificate in related skill area or
  • Relevant work experience

All programmes include both theory and practicals.

Graduates will receive an NESC Certificate which allows direct entry into NESC's 2-year Level III Diploma programmes.

Tuition Fee: $8000

(payment plan available)

Registration Fee: $300

(non refundable)

Other fees may be applicable dependent on the programme.

Applicants must also:

  • be sixteen (16) years or older.
  • pass an interview.
  • pass a Drug Test at their cost.

Modules 1170 Hours

# Subjects Topics
1 Trade Math/Science
  1. Working with Numbers
  2. Fractions and Decimals
  3. Algebra
  4. Measurements and Conversions
  5. Ratio and Proportion, Graphs and Tables
  6. Trigonometry
  7. Areas, Volumes and Capacities
  8. Work, Pressure and Energy
2 Technical English
  1. Communication
  2. Technical Report Writing
  3. Job Safety Analysis (JSA) Preparation
  4. Summary Preparation
  5. Resume Preparation
3 Technical Drawing
  1. Scales
  2. Blending of lines and curves
  3. Geometric figures
  4. Isometric projection
  5. Orthographic projection
  6. Blue Print Reading
  7. Sketches, drawings and prints
4 Trade Electives  

Related workshop/lab exercises

  1. Safety, Communication and Tools
  2. Electrical Fundamentals
  3. Batteries
  4. Fundamentals of magnetism
  5. Starting Systems
  6. Charging Systems
  7. Lighting, Instrumentation and Body Control
  8. Sound System
  9. Anti-theft System
  10. Electric assist power Steering
  11. ABS/Traction Control/Electronic Stability Control
  12. Drive train Management and Emissions Control
  13. Electric Hybrid and Electric Vehicles
  14. Vehicle Options
NESC Certificate

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