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Millwright 1 Year (full-time|part-time)
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Millwright Craftsman

1 Year (full-time|part-time)

Available at: Point Lisas

Course Code IMM

This programme is another of NESC's 1-year Craftsman Programmes and imparts the basic skills necessary for the effective maintenance and repair of mechanical equipment used in the Petrochemical and other industries. The programme includes theory and relevant practicals in the repair and alignment of pumps and other rotating equipment, as well as gearboxes and compressors. Graduates will receive an NESC Certificate which can allow for direct entry into NESC’s 2-year Level III (Diploma Programmes).

Entry Requirements

Students are required to complete two 3-hour sessions per day, amounting to 30 hours per week a trimester

  • Evidence of completion of secondary school or
  • Level 1 Certificate in related skill area or
  • Relevant work experience

All programmes include both theory and practicals.

Graduates will receive an NESC Certificate which allows direct entry into NESC's 2-year Level III Diploma programmes.

Tuition Fee: $8000

(payment plan available)

Registration Fee: $300

(non refundable)

Other fees may be applicable dependent on the programme.

Applicants must also:

  • be sixteen (16) years or older.
  • pass an interview.
  • pass a Drug Test at their cost.
Three (3) Trimesters 1170 Hours
# Subjects Topics
1 Maths/Science
  1. Working with numbers
  2. Fractions & Decimals
  3. Algebra
  4. Measurements & Conversions
  5. Ratio Proportion, Graph & Tables
  6. Trigonometry
  7. Area/Volumes and Capacity
  8. Transmission of Force and Motion
  9. Gas laws and coefficient of Linear expansion
  10. Work power and efficiency
  11. Pressure and forces
2 Technical English
  1. Communication
  2. Technical Report
  3. Resume Writing
  4. Memo Writing
  5. Job Application
  6. Summary Writing
  7. J.S.A development
3 Technical Drawing
  1. Scales
  2. Blending of lines and curves
  3. Geometric figures
  4. Isometric Drawings
  5. Orthographic drawings
  6. Blue print reading
  7. Sketches, Drawings and Prints
4 Electives Theory
  1. General Safety
  2. Rigging, cranes and hoist
  3. Tools – Cutting and Non Cutting
  4. Fasteners – Threaded and Non Threaded
  5. Gaskets & Piping
  6. Bearings, seals, lubrication
  7. Power Transmission (Part 1)
  8. Power Transmission (Part 2)
5 Practicals
  1. Safety practices
  2. Rigging and hoisting
  3. Measurement – Precision & Non Precision
  4. Cutting, filing and squaring
  5. Drilling
  6. Die cutting/Tapping – (Internal & External threads)
  7. Cutting and fitting gaskets
  8. Seals inspection/ Installation & Removal
  9. Bearing inspection / Installation and removal
  10. Shaft Fits / Coupling Installation and Removal
  11. Shaft fits/coupling installation and removal
  12. Bolts/Chains installation - removal and alignment
  13. Gears/ sprockets installation - removal and alignment.
NESC Certificate

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