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The MYPART Programme's Objective

This established social program seeks to address the increasing despondency of youths from diverse backgrounds. Often referred to as "Youths at risk", the MYPART program is geared to provide a safe, structured and regulated environment, which would enable them to once again obtain an opportunity to realize their ambitions, hopes and dreams. The program is conducted in three phases as follows:

Phase 1: Induction Training

This phase provides the foundation of the cadet’s training and it is conducted over a period of three (3) months. It instills the cadets with the basic competencies and social skills that are necessary to function in a quasi-military environment. It includes military discipline, customs, traditions, leadership and life skills. It transforms the cadet to a life of discipline, and readiness to conform to rules.

Phase 2: Academic – Pre Technical/Vocational Training

This phase of training is conducted over a period of nine (9) months and it prepares the cadet with the basic skills to be successful in his course of study at the NESC or other selected institutions. It sets up the cadet with the pre requisite academic skills to pursue technical/vocational training, social and communication skills training and a technical skills orientation conducted by the NESC. This period of training is supplemented with introduction to several sporting disciplines and visits to places of interest. In addition, during this phase a Family Support Group is established to provide family type nurturing and assist in the cadet’s welfare. Completion of these criteria concludes the first year of training.

Phase 3: Skills Training and Development

This phase is conducted over a period of two (2) years and this is where the cadet enters into skills training at a specified institution. Albeit, the military, social and academic staff continues to provide further training, cognitive development and support for their charges, and responsibility for their physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being. At this stage the cadets are also introduced to other extracurricular activities ranging from community service, environmental maintenance, culinary duties or kitchen gardening. In addition the cadets would be periodically evaluated and monitored for shortcomings and recommendations made for remedial training.

What is MYPART?

Established in 2007 by the National Security Ministry, the MYPART programme continues to produce disciplined and skilled individuals who can make meaningful contributions to society. It is a residential three-year programme which acts as a form of social intervention and involves Military and Vocational Training.

Since 2009/10, the National Energy Skills Center (NESC) has been actively involved in the MYPART programme as a training provider and in June 2012, its overall administration was shifted from the National Security Ministry to the Ministry of Tertiary Education and Skills Training, through the NESC.

The programme has seen some changes including expansion and a closer relationship with the cadets to ensure their successes in NESC's technical and craft areas.